Friday, March 14, 2008

I found my camera!

It was in an obscure pocket of the bag we brought on this trip! I was so happy-it had pictures of Halloween, the girls' piano recital, and the HOT SPRINGS...

So here we are in the dead of winter in the middle of a cow pasture in Meadow, Utah...what? That doesn't look fun to you?

Beth and Kendric, their little girl Lauren and darling Indy.


Sara said...

Okay, so GREAT GREAT GREAT that you found your camera! i am probably as excited as you are! :) YEA!

And so funny... now that I see the hot springs pics, I am laughing that they are EXACTLY as I'd pictured from your description in your post! (See? Who needs a camera?) What a fun, adventurous outing in an obscure, unexpected place!

Jane said...

I love it, MOOOOOO!

That had to be the best feeling EVER to find your camera! I'm still holding out hope that my "lost in the Bahamas'" camera shows up one day...i know, there's only a little hope.

Kristen said...

This is Kristen, did I miss something? When in the **** did you dye your hair dark?! I love it! I have been doing it for years, and probably do it for a very long time! By the way, where in the world did you hear about a hot springs in the middle of Utah?