Thursday, March 13, 2008

Aspen Moose Cabin

We had the priviledge of spending Presidents Day weekend in a quaint cabin tucked away in the Uintah Mountains! Spending 4 days snowmobiling and enjoying the snow did much for my opinion of winter! It was gorgeous up there! Of course we mixed a little business with pleasure-this was officially a KZT retreat-and had some good friends who happen to also be business associates the first 2 days. Then day 2 the Family was invited. We were so happy to have Mel and Jay from Cedar, Jarem and Chantell, Steph and Robb, Mom and Dad, and Beth and Kendric (who are our partners with KZT Capital Investments.) We were sad that Jared and Lissette had a sick child and couldn't make it and that Tegan got sick when we arrived so the Rhodes couldn't come (their kids had just gotten well.) We also missed those family members living out of state. But the good news is this trip was so magical and relaxing that we want to make it a winter tradition-we will definitely be doing this again!

Little eskimo Ash

Troy and Tegan going for a spin

Uncle Jarem--With so many people in the cabin we were trying to saves some space for seating Madi made this killer snow cave
Beth and Tegan making snow castles
Kendric and Ash
Madi, Bree, our cousin Lauren, and Ash
Me, before I got whiplashed and thrownOur friend Gina who used to be our next door neighbor in the yellow house

Bree gone wild!
Chris was a very patient (and dizzy) driver
Grandpa Skip and Grand barbie

Madi and Bree ~climbing trees and jumping in the snow
I know-the dark hair...sometimes I don't recognize myself
The MVP award goes to Troy and Kendric who spent hours getting the machines there, working, and gased up so we could all play. After 2 hours the first day in the dark trying to get the snowmobiles off the trailers and all the vehicles up the unplowed road I was feeling really bad for them; but they never complained and swear it was all worth it. It was truly one of those trips we'll never forget.

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Jane said...

I am in love with those big thick icicles hanging off the cabin!

We will definitely not miss this trip next year!