Monday, December 29, 2008

Tubing Soldier Hollow

Jane, my amazing friend who is the only reason we get together at all, planned this tubing outing and didn't even get to come due to babysitter issues. So bummed--we missed you Jane! I guess I'll have to blog this one! But thanks to her organizational skills we all had a great day in perfect tubing weather in some gorgeous mountains!
And did I mention they actually drag you to the top? It's great! We wouldn't want to excersize doing this-oh no! It's nice to be lazy Americans once a year. We have to live up to our reputation!

It was such a fun group of friends and neighbors!

Hey, I'll take the cell phone on the ride up if it means he gets to skip a day at work to come sledding with us!

We all joined our tubes together--it was awesome...except for Caden falling off in front and getting dragged, running into Kiana and KJ on the way down (we just brought them along with us) and taking out the poor worker right at the knee caps...

As Troy would say--Good Times!


Shannon said...

I love that I witnessed first hand your group of crazies coming down the Hill and grabbing Kiana and KJ on the way down, Oh and taking out the worker who was trying to save them. hahaha
We loved it! So glad we got to have you guys there too!

jane said...

ok, so I'm glad YOU posted this funny-what-I'm-visualizing-story because {surprise, surprise} my husband never told me about it! I am dying! KNOCKED down a worker!?! ha!

LOVE the pictures, and I still posted a few of them on my blog...totally bummed I missed out! But there's always next year!