Saturday, December 27, 2008


We got married 13 years ago tomorrow but the celebration took place yesterday and today. In fact, we just got back from our 2-day adventure. For our anniversary we decided to be tourists in our own city! (Well SLC is just to the north a tad.) We kicked off our Anniversary with a trip to the Shane Company where Daph decided she wanted to get me a new ring so we traded in my wedding band that she bought me 13 years ago. It was yellow gold, green gold, and white gold rope braided ring. It was questionable 13 years ago and we decided it was time for a new one- Shane Co lets you trade up- so it was fun! This is what we ended up with.

Then a trip to my italian roots for dinner - Ok I am only 25% italian but hey my middle name is Zelano- so put them together and I think I am closer to 50% italian! Then you add my abilty to tan easily and hairy body - ohh call me Gesseppi would you!
- OHH MAN I have to tell you about the tasty food! Biaggi's Stuffed Mushrooms (TASTY) then a beet salad to boot! Ohh I could stop there but - WAIT- there's more! We had some tasty talapia then a yummy desert - white chocolate bread pudding!

Ohh I almost forgot I had the brillant idea to park to the south of the Gateway. Well- we ended up in what I would call the "hood". Every step I kept thinking "ok your belt is a weapon- wait no take out your keys" after giving away all of our small bills and some guy telling us he had HIV for 13 years we finally made it. But hey, we provided money for hot cocoa and had a mental training exersise for me of how to find a weapon when you don't have a real one.

So on to the activity!

Daph had this great idea to walk through Temple Square to see the lights and take a horse carriage ride through downtown. But we could not even walk 2 blocks before we felt like our nose,ears, and fingers were going to fall off. So we ended up at the movie "4 Christmases." (funny)

Then I took my yummy wife back to this sweet Bed and Breakfast. Ok really the other way around! I really didn't plan the night at all it was a surprise from Daph. So we headed to The Inn on the Hill. Our room overlooked downtown SLC --take a peak :

YUMMY! Man I love this woman! That shot was taken off of our balcony.

Yes, we purchased the lense from the carnival mirror saleman- no -- NO that is not my normal face - yea I know it looks distorted but come on the picture is not that bad... Ok maybe it is! Ahh who cares--- daph looks cute!

GOOD TIMES! Perfect Location!

Very central to downtown and cozy.

In the morning we had a tasty breakfast that they prepared then she gave me another gift. A scarf and a sweet beanie--she said I would need them on our next activity.

Daph is in the middle of one of her 5- 360's that she cranks in a row-

Yes I know I look like a dork (daph made me post these 2 pictures so this entry was not the "Daphne show". )

If you look just past Daph you will see The Walker's building; that buiding has some family histroy. Daph's great-grandpa used to work in that building and daph's Mom remembers looking down at the ice skaters from his office. It was super fun- the sun broke out right as we arrived, all the wind disappeared- really a perfect hour of iceskating.

We hit Zuppa's on the way home to end a perfect anniversary! I have to say I just loved coming home as well. I love our chidren, our home, our family, friends, and neighbors. Life as crazy as it is - we love it- we love our work time and play time! I really feel so blessed/lucky to be married to Daphne; we love our life- 13 years of bliss!


Shannon said...

ok so i had two thought right away when it posted "13 Years" 1st~ I was so shocked that you actually got married 2 days after Christmas!
2nd~ you two are the cutest most darling couple to have shared 13 awesome years together. I love that you had such a great Anniversary!
We love you guys!
I love the picures of you Ice skating Troy! SWEET! ;)

Happy Anniversary!!

The Andersen Family said...

How fun!

jane said...

What a perfect weekend! what I love is how much I can see of your kids in YOUR pictures! my gosh, the pic of daph in the beannie is exactly a mix of Madi and Ash smiling. And Troy is totally Tegan in every picture! Anniversario felice 13! , we love you guys! {no matter how italian you are!}

k8 said...

wow, thirteen years!!! major congrats to you two!!