Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Overnighter with the Girls at Laurie's Cabin

I was blessed with the best high school friends anyone could ask for. Every year we get together and it feels like going home. This year we went to Laurie's cabin in the Uintah Mountains. We came adequately prepared with food, snacks, sleep gear and plenty to talk about...but kinda forgot flashlights, snow gear or even proper shoes (Liz...). Who needs guys? Okay, maybe they would've come in handy when the entrance gate was under 10 feet of snow! But we have never sherked an adventure and this just put us back to old times when we were laughing so hard we almost pee our pants. These are some of my favorite people!
"Best 9-Months-Pregnant Hill Climber" goes to Trish

"Best Hauler and Fearless Courage in the Face of a Moose" goes to Laurie
"Deepest Leg Plunge" goes to Liz
"Best Organizers (and the reason this happened at all)" goes to Tanya and Kristen (Thanks for all your hard work to help us make a decision and do it!)


Jane said...

looks like fun, but very cold!!!

Shannon said...

What a bunch of Crazy girls! I love it!!

Sara said...

So fun to get together with old friends and catch up! Glad you had a blast! :)

6 P's in a Pod said...

I'm highly impressed with the pregnant girl hiking through the snow! WOW!

Tim & Celeste said...

I'm highly impressed with the pregnant girl, too. Go Trish! I'm sad I missed the GNO this year- definitely next year!!! I love the pictures.

The Fox Den said...

So great! I love friends who have known you for so long and still love you to death.

Teresa said...

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