Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jamaica 2008 (We know, we know...)

The trip started out with the best hour and a half ride on dangerously narrow rodes through the jungle driving on the left side of the road! It was a great way to see the beautiful country and the people doing what they do.
We loved this tree--it's symbolic of OUR part of the beach. After getting a whistle blown at us for swimming outside the ropes (in the ocean!!) we decided to head for the public beach where we could snorkle and swim wherever and however we wanted. As you can see in the background, the trees came right up to the sand and were so thick that no one was ever there! We had the place practically to ourselves!
Look at that powder sugar sand! Ahh, this is the life!

It was great to fianlly scuba dive again-it had been 11 years since I'd been--what was I doing? Having 4 babies??

Our friends, Chris and Gina, were such fun travel buddies! We had the best time with them!

After a 10 minute demo our guide took off and left Troy with the ropes! He did an impressive job of steering that thing in some pretty strong wind!

We went on a CANOPY TOUR! We zip lined from tree to tree through the jungle sometimes over 200 feet in the air! Amazing!!

You go, Gina!!

Troy and Chris were limbo stars at the beach party!
Gina and I got to dance! Troy always takes a fantastic food shot
Thanks Chris and Gina for a seriously fun time!


The Fox Den said...

Looks wonderful!! I love that you "got in trouble" for swimming in the wrong place... you're so rebellious ;)

Shannon said...

oH MY, looks like so much fun! You and Troy would be a blast to go with on Vacation!
The water looks seriously Gorgeous, how Fun!

Jane said...

I love the pictures - it all looks so fun and WARM! Especially compared to that last Cabin post! You look tan on your scuba diving boat next to the older guy that is "less tan" than you!!! I love Gina zip-lining in a strapless shirt, that's hillariuos! I have a serious bug to zip-line...It's so awesome you and Troy got some time to relax!

Sara said...

So you go from Jaimaica to 10 feet of snow and a cabin in the Uintahs? ...Seems a little extreme if you just needed a change in scenery! (For the record, I would have stayed in Jamaica!)

LOVE the pics! What a fun, fun, FUN time! I am so glad you had a wonderful time with such awesome friends! Chris & Gina are darling and so much fun to hang with! :)

6 P's in a Pod said...

This has inspired me to start putting pennies in my piggy bank for a trip to Jamaica! It looks so fun. And what FUN company, too! I love Gina and Chris!

Jay & Mel said...

These pictures are a dream. Thanks for posting them. It is kind of cold here so when I was looking at your blog it took me away for a while to a beautiful, warm place. Tell Troy that he's got some guns! Has he been working out :) You have such an enchanting life and family. You deserve every bit of it. I sure love you!!