Friday, March 21, 2008


I have always wished I could fly and yesterday was the closest I've come! Troy and I went indoor skydiving at the Solomon Center in Ogden with Beth, Kendric, Jarem, and his fiance, Chantell. I must admit I was a little scard of the wind tunnel and 60 mile an hour winds blowing me up into the air. I was having visuals of getting sucked into the fan like in the original Willy Wonka movie...but it was absolutely amazing! What a cool experience to feel weightless like that! After 2 minutes I was hooked and wanted more time to learn tricks! Thanks Beth and Kendric-that was a very memorable Christmas present! (Check out or you tube to see the crazy things the employees do-they rock!)

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Jane said...

I was totally addicted after we went too, I only wish it was closer to us so we could go more often and become good at the flips/etc. I thought it was just as much fun seeing my kids do it as having my turn!