Friday, January 04, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It wouldn't be the holidays without kids' performances. Aubree sang Spanish Christmas songs at the mall. She was (and I'm not biased) the cutest one! She was feeling the beat so much she couldn't help but dance. She was jamming while her classmates stood still beside her and she was completely oblivious...she was having a good old time! So adorable! Aubree's fan club

Madi and Bree performed at a Rehab center in Orem with their music class. Madi played the piano and Aubree played instruments and sang songs. We are so lucky to have found Jill Freestone's music class. The girls have learned so much in less than a year--how to train their ear, sight read, tap rhythm and tons more. But best of all they have learned to LOVE it and to be creative on the piano. I hear them making up songs just for fun when no one is around.

Who gets to watch their friend in the nutcracker at Capital Theater?!? The girls, Troy and I had the great opportunity of going to see Kiana as a party girl in the ballet. (Tegan stayed home and had a date with Loidy.) Our kids have a skewed sense of reality when it comes to theatrical performances. When we went to Tuachan in St.George we never saw a production that didn't have an aunt in it (Stephani and Melani performed there in Utah!, Joseph and the Amazing..., among many others). They think it's normal to hug the cast after the show. We saw Jasen in a play at SUU and when he walked on stage 3 or 4-year-old madi yelled out, "Hi Jasen!" We saw Stephani in the Off broadway theater in Salt Lake City...the list goes on and on and on. Whenever we go to a performance the kids always ask-- who's going to be in it.
We had to divide and conquer the morning performances. Thanks to 2 very dedicated sets of grandparents and uncles we were able to have a fan club for both Madi at her school and Tegan at his. (Sorry, Madi, we may have had 2 sets of grandparents but only one camera--actually, I think Grandpa Skip video-ed!)
Tegan sang his little heart out! He would look right at us and not the least bit ashamed of his toothless grin (he's actually quite proud), he sang as loud and as boistrous as he could get out. He knew every word! I certainly didn't practice at home (4th child) so I was amazed! We're constantly amazed at what a smart kid he is (again-we're the parents-but he is!)

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