Friday, January 04, 2008

The Blanchards Storm Colorado!

Or was it the other way around. It took us 2 DAYS to get there due to stormy weather but hanging out with our cousins makes the long trip worth it. All 3 of Troy's brothers and their families were there along with Mom and Dad. It's always fun when this crazy group gets together! Christmas Eve was a riot! After dressing Santas in streamers and playing a gloved unwrapping game all the kids did a talent to get their gift--which was--surprise! Pajamas! Then Papa (Troy's dad) read the story of the birth of Christ and we sang Silent Night. There was a beautiful peace during that part. All the kids huddled together to sleep downstairs and happily awaited Santa.(Note the ADORABLE blankets made for us by Jane--(Pink, Green and Red ones) They match our rooms and even have our names embroidered on them...which really helps because getting all the right stuff HOME from Colorado is usually the hardest part.)

Loidy was easy--animal print ANYTHING! Madi painted her a cheetah print purse.

When we were in Mexico in November, Grandma Jo was obsessed with painting ceramics and was working on a set of dishes. Madi made this bowl for her set while we were there and kept it a secret until Christmas. Grandma Jo was thrilled! Madi is such a thoughtful little girl...she did this all on her own. She finds so much joy in helping others--honestly, the only time she gets in trouble is if she's being too helpful and that person doesn't want the help (hehe).

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