Friday, August 12, 2011

Memorable Snowbird Moments-2011

Hiking to Cecret Lake with 2 men, 5 women and 11 kids (14-month-Kayla to 13 -year-old Madi). I have NO idea how long it took but it was hilarious! Indy kept Bree laughing. Steph carried Kayla most the way (and sometimes Alec). Ash walked the trail holding hands with Uncles Ben and Jarem. Jarem took Tegan and Indy around the lake and got a lot more than he bargained for (It's burning!)

*Troy driving down to his first week for MBA classes on Tuesday and Thursday.
*Swimming at the kids pool with our fun aunts and cute cousins.

*Playing tennis, buying stickers and getting ice cream.

*The rides day! We didn't get to go last year so it was twice as anticipated this year and we soaked up evey minute of fun. Madi finally weighed 75 lbs. to ride the zip line!! It was our first year on the ropes course.

*Tif set us all up on blogs including every one of our kids. We got way into designing them.

*We watched Jurassic Park, Tron, The Rules (again), and home movies.
*Zumba! (Year 2)
*Laying out by the adult pool and talking for hours (Daph, Tif and Holly).
*Playing Guitar Hero with Uncle Jarem & Aunt Chan....and whoever else joined in. Having to be patient with all the tiny cousins wanting to "sing."
*Baby Valen :-)

*Troy's 2nd annual Snowbird Hill Climb bike race.

*A shocking shortage of males as they were working or gone to school. (Troy and Robb both got accepted to MBA programs this year!!)
*We missed Ani & Russ and Jay & Mel's families this year :-(

Just like the Snowbird decor, every year has the same feel with it's own unique changes each year. We act like we are the only family to ever jump on these couches and throw garbage in the dumpsters below. We are always too loud for the neighbors and more so with each added little person. We relax in the form of hikes, stargazing, crafts, swimming, tennis matches, walks to the lodge, movies, alpine slides, bungy tramps, tram rides, mountain biking, and lots of games. As expected, it feels like home this year. Only "home" this year included 3 more condos than the unit Mom and Dad bought 33 years ago (and a whole lot more people.)

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