Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ok-I'm really excited about this! Thank you to my dear friend, Jane, who is the world's best bragger about her friends. Her enthusiasm has been very motivating for me!
My other dear friend, Gina, came up with this amazing idea and I can't wait to put it on! It really spawned from our love of these kids and our tiring of asking for money. :-) My kids have been dying to help these kids in some way but I don't dare take them on our medical trips yet so this is a really cool way for them to do something! They are so excited to race and what I love is that we picked a race length that fits every member of the family so families can do this together. Run 13 is an amazing company that basically gives you back your entrance fee in free food and t-shirts. Troy and I ran our first 5k with them on Pioneer Day and we were very impressed (with ourselves and run 13). So come run with us if you want--my most favorite part about this is that so many family and friends are running with us!!
Join us in the Race against the sugar cane …
Racing the Cane
When: 9/19/09
Where: Mountain View High School, Orem Utah

A fun way to get your whole family involved in Humanitarian work and physical fitness!
*50% of proceeds go directly to help impoverished kids in the Dominican Republic.
*We will be collecting used shoes at the race to send to the DR so the kids there can have a RACE of their own through the sugar cane fields!

We are partnering up with http://run13.com/6.html who put on a huge fun-filled event with blow up toys, music, and food.

Mark it on your calendars--more info to come!

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Hey, this is Stephan Cincotta... from Cedar City.. been thinking of you guys for some time.. just found your 2000 Christmas card and thought I would see if you were on the internet... Send me an email when you get a chance..


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