Saturday, October 04, 2008

Preparing for the DR!

What's the DR you ask? It's the Dominican Republic and I'd never heard it referred to as "DR" either until we got involved with an organization called IASK (International Aid Serving Kids.) Anyway, Troy and I are heading to the "DR" in November to help translate for the doctors and dentists who will be helping some of the kids down there. They live in the sugar cane fields in the most impoverished conditions. They are refugees from Haiti living in the Dominican Republic so neither government claims them and it is up to the sugar cane company to care for their needs--who, unfortunately, have them mostly eating sugar cane. I just wanted to spread the word that we are collecting over the counter medications (among other things) to take with us if anyone is interested in chipping in. It's like helping the kids without the 3rd world conditions! Below are some of the things we're in need of.
· Children’s vitamins- we treat malnutrition and we ran out quickly last time. Try to avoid those with iron or at least find “safer” combinations if it is an ingredient. They don’t always follow our instructions (especially the tasty ones) and eat all we give them!
· OTC children’s meds - mostly pain Relievers – Tylenol(Acetaminophen) and Advil (Ibuprofen) ·
Topical triple antibiotic ointments, we were also severely short on Neosporin (Triple antibiotic ointment).
Anti itch, anti-inflammitories -Topical hydrocortisone cream, Calydryl lotion, Aveeno soap, etc.
Mosquito repellant – highest Deet % the better (winter season may really help pricing)
Bandages – all sizes, gauze pads, cling wrap, compression wraps, etc.
Prenatal Vitamins – we will treat pregnant moms
· As many
hygiene kits as we can possibly get there. They don’t have to be just like the church makes them. These kids typically don’t have soap, washcloths, toothbrushes, toothpaste, or shampoo, etc.
Educational booklets – printed materials teaching them basic hygiene. From washing hands after using the bathroom to how to brush your teeth, for how long, etc. Also, it doesn’t have to be hygiene, it can be anything you feel a 3rd world child could benefit from learning. Spiritual or church pamphlets are not needed as our organization is non denominational and LDS missionaries provide great help usually and make them available only if people express interest.
Monetary donations. IASK is a State approved charitable organization who donates 100% of donations to supplies or sponsorship of child education. We have a tax id# if anyone would like to verify though they will not be able to use it without being a member and registered. Some people just want to give money or come with us to buy supplies, or come pack them on the day we put everything together – they are more than welcome as are you, we need the help.
Volunteers: we are still short ONE DENTIST. If you know someone or that someone is you, please let me know ASAP as we are finalizing travel and accommodation plans.

I'm just passing along the word if anyone knows someone who is looking for an opportunity to serve or do a YW/Eagle Project. We have a packing day October 25th so we need to have all our supplies gathered by then. We are so excited about this opportunity to be able to use our Spanish and do some real good! Of course, I'll be posting pictures of our trip--at my rate probably 4 months after we get back (haha).
P.S. look it up!


Shannon said...

Daph, you guys are amazing! I would Seriously LOVE to do what you are doing!
I will gather as much stuff as we can to help out!

I LOVE that you are doing this, way to spread the word!

Jane said...

I'll work on it...

I'm also going to link this to my blog to see if I can get you some more traffic...

very proud of you. good luck!

Jesicca said...

My work manufactures Childrens Vitamins so I will see if I can get them to donate. And, Matt works at Allen's Pharmacey. I will have him ask if they will donate. If not, we will pitch in.What a wonderful cause.
God Bless. Please e-mail me the best way to get supplies to you and when you need them by.
the Kallas Family

Sara said...

I am still soo jealous of this trip! Wish soo badly I could go and help and have this experience (especially with you!) I will see what I can do to drum up some more support...

Jesicca said...

Hey sweet girl I am in the phone book.

Daphne said...

what a novel idea!

6 P's in a Pod said...

Daph: Did you know Sam's Club has grants for non-profit organizations? We got $1000K one year for the Diabetes Walk. It's worth checking into. Do you want the info? You'd have to act fast because they do them quarterly and many people apply. Call me or email me.