Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Back in the Game!

Ok, ok, so it's been a few months! At the end of the school year I thought, as soon as summer comes I'll have more time. Then summer came filled with camping trips, sleepovers, friends in town and all the things that make it so FUN--and so busy! So I told all my nagging friends when I was scolded about not updating (HE HE), when the kids are in school and I get a handle on our schedule I'll do a "what we've been up to this summer" entry. Well, here we are, October 1st, soccer's over and maybe, just maybe, I'll get a few pics posted. I considered writing "To be continued in 2010" when Tegan's in school, but then I'd get way too behind. So back by popular demand--our FUN SUMMER!

One of our favorite camping spots this year was in Canyonlands-just outside of Moab. It was gorgeous terrain with miles of giant rock slabs to explore. It had a waterfall down the road, perfect 4-wheeling trails, and no bugs! Best part was being with our family--man they know how to have a good time!

Of course a summer can't go by without the annual SNOWBIRD trip. Every year I wonder if I've over-romanticized it--if it's really all that we crack it up to be. And every year we seem to have even more fun and are sad when it's time to go home. Amazing that we actually ALL get together every year. That is a credit to Mom and Dad -- thanks for starting this tradition.

We have such fun grandparents and the coolest aunts and uncles!

Not to mention the cutest little cousins!

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Shannon said...

Honey, you guys really did have an amazing summer! I want to do the snowbird thing with all of my family, i think it would be a FUN tradition!

Love the Canyonlands!!