Friday, May 16, 2008

Bree-the Indoor Soccer Star!

The first game Aubree went to she was appalled to find out there were boys on her team--in fact she stood on the field in terror and refused to play. With some coaxing from Troy she decided to give it a try "just this once" and found out she loved it! She is by far the littlest on the team and she is fearless now. She has even scored 2 goals!! We are seriously proud of her for getting out there and playing her heart out! It helps that she gets to play with one of her best friends, Myla (who is one of only 2 other girls on the team)
I know these photos are not the best but note the size difference between Bree and our friend Brogan. She doesn't seem to notice anymore and I flinched through the whole game saying in my head--Oh please don't hurt her!
Tegan & cousin and soul mate, Paris


Shannon said...

So fun to see those pictures of Aubree next to Brogan! haha
It is so much fun for those kids, they just LOVE it!
It is quite enjoyable to watch too!

Sara said...

Brogan and Bree... now there are two opposite ends of the growth chart spectrum, for ya! :)

Way to go, Bree!

Jane said...

Bree is seriously ROCKING at indoor soccer, I'm so glad she played on the team! Go red lizards!