Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hannah Montana Concert!

We told Madi and Aubree that we were going on a special time but that it was a surprise. Then Troy drove them to an empty lot that overlooks the valley, sat them on his tailgate, and told them that he got tickets to the Hannah Montana concert. You should have seen their faces! They screamed and jumped around and hugged him--it was precious! Then as we drove to Salt Lake they were in the back chatting and giggling and saying things like, "I thought we were going to the movie Hairspray and to McDonalds," then they would break out in screams: "WE'RE GOING TO HANNAH MONTANA!"
We were so lucky to be going the same night as Jared and Lissette's family which made it even more fun! They gave up their comfort and leg room so we could all sit by each other (and they had way better seats!) so we were all dancing, singing and bumping in to eachother! We had the best time!

We agree with Hannah: Life's what you make it - so let's make it ROCK!


Jane said...

I can just imagine how excited Madi & Bree were - next time video tape their reactions!

Wasn't that the funnest concert !?! I seriously had just as much fun as my girls did the night we went...

Daphne said...

We actually did video telling them and some of the chatting in the car. It was fun singing along with the girls-I've heard those songs so much even I knew all the words! We had a great time.