Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another Amazing Trip to MAZATLAN

Here are just a FEW pictures of our trip to give you an idea of how much fun we had! There are so many more I want to put on but that will have to be another day (maybe a slide show). This was my 5th and Troy's millionth time to Mazatlan and our 3rd time staying at this hotel --so this time it felt like home. It is absolutley gorgeous! The beaches are so fun and we know our favorites now. We love the people here and the great company we're with. We truly relax and enjoy the warmth of the climate and the culture. The kids get to practice their Spanish a little. It is a great trip and we LOVE IT! Does it get more gorgeous than that??!!
We were so lucky to have Grandma Jo and Papa join us this year!We love Taco Loco!
Shopping at the local market

Troy got us this truck taxi--we cruised all over town in it!
Ahhh..Grandma's Mole /mo lay/ She makes it for us every time!

Bree and Paris at the beach
KJ and Tegan

That Mango is to die for-and that hunk isn't bad either!
Madi is a great little body boarder! (it's my favorite thing, too!)

We went to Senor Frogs--it's a party there! (Don't worry, the bar was closed)
Cute Ash

One of the highlights is catching crabs on the beach--thanks Rhodes for the nifty crab holders!
We LOVE painting ceramics!


Jane said...

That was such an awesome trip, i love your pictures - I'm so glad we do this every year!

The Fuchs Seven said...

Thanks for dinner! You are a blessing!

Shannon said...

So fun! I love the first family Photo. it's darling!
Boogie boarding is so fun, i would love to play on the Beach with you guys....One Day!!

Jane said...

You have been TAGGED - Please go directly to my blog without passing GO and read.

The Browns said...

I love your pictures Daph! It is so fun to see the pictures that you and Jane post. Love, love the pottery!

emily said...

I don't know if you remember meeting me, but I met you years ago. It is nice to see what your family is up to. I am an old friend of Troy's and got to your blog through Terri, we've been friends since high school. It is great to see what you are all up to. Feel free to visit my blog, I am on Terri's (Emily "Shaw" Harris) tell Troy I said "Hi."

Mike & Kenia said...

What a great body!!!!! And Troy's doesn't look bad either!!